Get SBK App!


People behind the betting exchange Smarkets are now testing their beta version of SBK App. The new app promises a lot for all the new customers, we hope that this is true.

Let’s take a closer look why SBK App might be the next best thing. It sure looks like from where we are looking.

What to Expect From the SBK App?

Unlike many other companies, this sportsbook SBK App is going to be quite different. Usually, brands get to their odds via various third-party sources, but in this scenario, SBK App is going to have odds from a completely different type of source.

This will all make much more sense when we get in details about people who are behind the SBK App.

For the time being, it is great to say that people in the UK are going to have the chance to use a sportsbook with amazing odds. Which will only help them have more fun in the future.

Why is SBK Betting Better Than the Others?

All of the online bookmakers are trying to be as competitive as possible. Especially in a great market such as the UK. But despite all the best odds, bookmakers can only go so much. However, betting exchanges add much more flexibility. The bet you have is with someone else completely, not with the bookmaker, he is the one with the commission.

This is great news for everyone. The SBK App is launched by the team who is behind the Smarkets. One of the biggest betting exchanges in the UK. With this much experience, the team was able to make the shift to the Android and iOS devices. This beta is a certain step to better functionality and final release of the SBK App.

The biggest advantage this app is going to have compared to other sportsbooks is the attractive odds. All of the odds are directly acquired from the values presented in the betting exchange Smarkets.

Therefore, if you are a fan of online mobile betting, this is the perfect brand for you. But also, if you want to enjoy extremely great odds, this is the right app for you. In fact, using the SBK App only brings benefits.

Simply visit the official page and request a beta invite. You will be granted a code you can use to activate the application.

Is There Going to be an SBK Welcome Bonus?

Smarkets is 10 years in business now. During this period of time, staying competitive certainly required taking a lot of smart steps, as there are dozens of other betting exchanges.

However, during this period of time, not only did business survive, it actually grew into a very serious company. Therefore, we believe that at some points in time, the company certainly offered some sort of bonuses, depending on what a betting exchange can actually offer. Usually, it all comes down to lower betting commissions, which can be quite rewarding for the player.

When it comes to SBK App, we do not have any clear information about special bonuses for now. One could expect there to be a welcome bonus for customers.

All we have to do is wait for the launch of this platform and see how well it is going to platform. We hope that it becomes one of the best sports booking apps in the UK.

What About SBK Customer Support

Given how long the company has been present in the market, it is quite certain that the brand offers outstanding customer support.

As we are talking about smartphones, there is a high chance that a customer support agent is available via a phone, email or a live chat tool. However, we do not have any confirmation on this side of the brand, you will have to see for yourself once you are in the app.

SBK Payment Methods

Similarly to customer support, having as many payment methods available is a good thing. However, we are not certain how many methods SBK is planning to deploy from the start. But unlike many other companies who are focused on the payment methods available for websites, we might see Apple Pay or Google Pay in the future, as we are talking about mobile platforms.

This all sounds amazing, but we will have to be patient and hold on until the SBK App is publicly live and we get to see all the features.

SBK App – Closing Thoughts

This is a great move for the Smarkets betting exchange. It is a unique approach towards targeting those who enjoy sports betting but are constantly on the go. Before making the final verdict, we will have to see the final release of the software, as anything but before is simply making assumptions about an unfinished product.

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